All You Need To Know About SEO Keyword Research

All You Need To Know About SEO Keyword Research

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SEO is a complex subject and there are many myths out there that can scare away newbie SEOs. But the truth is that SEO is not only easy to understand, but it’s also very simple to do! So if you’re ready to take your website or blog to new heights then read on as we break down all of the basics of keyword research so that you can start doing it right away.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase that people search for online. Keywords are the foundation of SEO, so understanding them is crucial if you want to improve your ranking in search engines and increase traffic to your website.

Let’s take an example: if you are selling red shoes on your ecommerce store, then these keywords would be “shoes”, “red shoes” and “buy red shoes”.

Why is Keyword Research so important?

Keyword research is a fundamental part of any SEO strategy. It’s the first step in figuring out exactly what people are looking for, which allows you to build your content around that. When you know what keywords your audience is searching on, you can create content that will resonate with them and bring them back to your site again and again. Also available professional SEO keyword research service.

Know the competition for different keywords.

When you are doing your keyword research, it is important to know the competition. This will help you understand how to get more traffic and make more sales.

To do this, use Google Keyword Planner. This tool will give you valuable information about keywords that have a lot of search volume and competition for them. It’s possible that not all of these keywords are relevant for what you want to rank for and don’t bring in any traffic but it will be useful when deciding which ones are worth pursuing.

Understand your customers search intent.

Search intent is the reason that a customer is searching for something. For example, if your customer is looking for information about search engine optimization, then their search intent is informational. On the other hand, if they’re looking for an SEO agency in Paris, their search intent would be transactional.

Understanding customer search intent will help you build keyword lists that are relevant and help with conversion rates because your customers will be able to find what they need more easily on your website. It also saves you time since you won’t have to write multiple pieces of content for different keywords anymore.